Crocodile Tears Syndrome

Crocodile Tears SyndromeWhen I was younger I cried for almost everything. I cried when I was mad, frustrated, tired, sad, happy, overly excited, when anyone raised their voice, and when I didn’t get my way. My tears came quickly, leading most my entire family to believe they were fake. Always.

I don’t exactly blame them. If I were a parent with a kid who cried over stupid stuff for most of her life, I would assume the tears were fake, too.

My mom diagnosed me with a severe case of  crocodile tear syndrome. (She’s an LPN, so this is totally legit.)

As I got a little older, I learned to hold back the tears. What’s the point? No one took me seriously anyway. It was like the boy who cried wolf… except, I just cried.

Fast forward to now, and seventeen year old me still struggles with the leaky faucets in her eyes.

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago and she told me she hated crying. In her eyes it was a weakness. 

And I feel like this is such an issue even in my small little circle of friends and aquaintances. Everyone is scared to be sad, and to be vulnerable.

But sadness is okay. Crying is okay. Vulnerability is okay.

I’m not telling you to go around crying all day, or to always have a box of tissues.

I’m just telling you that everyone has moments of sadness.

Even if somewhere, someone found out they have cancer; or if someone’s best friend died in a car accident; or if something incredibly tragic happened to someone else, that does not mean you’re not allowed to be sad. It does not make your tears invalid.

Some days you’re going to wake up and you’ll just be sad. There won’t always be a “good” reason.

But let the sadness out before it eats you alive, and move on. Don’t stay stuck in your little pity party.

God didn’t make an amazing heart like yours just so it could always be sad and broken.

Be sad. Be broken. Be vulnerable. Be scared.

But don’t stay there.



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